Introduction and/or Background

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Introduction and/or Background

Post by Duskwitch on Tue Jul 26, 2016 10:02 pm

Hi. You can introduce yourself here, and tell us your story if you wish. You can tell it all at once or in bits and pieces.

I may as well start. I'm Duskwitch. In real life I go by Dusk with she/her pronouns, or Rain with he/him pronouns. Or sometimes I just get called snek. I'm trans, nonbinary, and bigender (those are nesting categories). I'm also bisexual and polyamorous. I thought I was cis and straight for the longest time, simply because I had no other options presented to me as ok.

I'm Wiccan. I respect all religions or lack thereofs. I might elaborate on this section later but it's often triggering for me.

I have a lot of creative hobbies that mostly focus on a gothic fantasy world I've been writing about since I was 13.

My parents were in the Pasadena church for 20 years. We left when I was 19. I had known for years earlier that mymom didn't agree with a lot of the crap they taught, but that didn't stop the psychological impact. Unlike others, I don't have a dramatic harrowing tale. I mainly just remember a vague oppressive atmosphere, though there are lots of little things.

I have complex ptsd. I hate when someone comes up behind me or touches my arm. There are many shows or movies I know I can't watch because I'll get triggered. I find it very hard to believe on a gut level that I'm "allowed" to disagree with someone.

Anyway, I truly bid you welcome. May you find peace here.

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